Exceptional people: Susan Sontag

by alekosblog

“However, AIDS and Its Metaphors did have one transforming, coincidental effect on Susan’s own life. During publicity sessions for the book in 1988, Susan was photographed by Annie Leibovitz. It was the first time they had met, and they also went out to dinner together, where Leibovitz asked Sontag among other things The Benefactor. Leibovitz was 39, Sontag 55. It was the beginning of a passionate relationship between photographer and subject which would continue, on and off, for the next sixteen years. This was longer than Sontag spent with Philip, with Irene, with Nicole, with Joseph. The relationship with Annie, much as david called it an “on-again, off-again” affair would become the longest-running love of Sontag’s life, which over the next few years began to have more fulfillment”

Susan Sontag (2014), Jerome Boyd Maunsell